CWR TechnologY

Continuous Wave Rotor

The electromagnetic waves monomode propagation and the product movement are associated into the same conveyor : The rotor

  • Homogeneity of the thermic treatment : Uniformity of the wave propagation and the product.
  • Controlled power transfer : Management system of the power and impedance
  • Industrial yield : Fast and efficient process

Key features
  • Dimensions: Length 15m ; width 7m ; Height 7m
  • Weight: 20 tonnes
  • Electrical consumption (with peripheral): 350 kW
  • Microwave power: 240 KW  (3 x 80 kW)
  • Frequency: 915 Mhz


The electromagnetic waves in a guided propagation and the product are conveyed into a specific section: the tunnel

  • Continuous treatment with control of the thermic outline
  • Pre-industrial tests: 50 to 100 kg/h
  • Treatment section until 8x8cm
  • Possible steam introduction during the process

  • Dimensions: Length 8m x width  2m x Height 2m
  • Weight: 2 tonnes
  • Electrical consumption: 30 kW
  • Microwave power: 12 kW
  • Pre-heating with hot air: 17,5 kW
  • Frequency: 2 450 MHz


The electromagnetic waves oriented into a cornet antenna and the product placed into a recipient are associated to form a static treatment like in a batch.
A system of air suction is implemented on the cornet antenna in order to extract available moisture.

  • Temperature stability
  • Time of treatment
  • Evaporation control

Key features
  • Dimensions: Length 2m x width 1m x Height 2m
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Electrical consumption: 3 kW
  • Microwave power: 2 kW
  • Frequency: 2 450 Mhz


The electromagnetic waves are in monomode propagation into a standardized waveguide section where the product is also disposed. This cell is made to characterize the product and analyse its calorific and dielectric properties.

  • Laboratory tool
  • Small samples
  • Definition of the first items an characteristics of the product.

Key features
  • Dimensions: Length 60cm x width 20cm x Height 20cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Electrical consumption: 1 kW
  • Microwave power: from 300 W to 1200 W
  • Frequency: 2 450 Mhz